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Wayfair Group of Industries is a Bangladesh based FMCG & Argo based dry foods and jute goods processing & manufacturing company since 1994.The company’s journey was started By Mr.Md.Atair Rahman who was established Dry foods manufacturing business which was named “M/s.Mahbub Bikery & Confectionery. Also he was established “ Rucci Icream factory “ and other hand Bricks manufacturing business in Mithapukur,Rangpur. Anyway, those business wings was a proprietorship business during that time and those business was successfully done. However, after a long time’s gap whether Mr.Rahman elder son Md.Mahbubur Rahman newly start all of business wings as a single wing which is Wayfair Group of Industries. Our first mother company’s Wayfair Bangladesh Limited -wbl was incorporated by RJRC on the dated 16/08/2017.Our main business is an Agro products trading, jute goods and jute diversified manufacturing ,dry foods processing and exporting. From beginning of Wayfair Bangladesh has been trading & packaging TEA, Mustard oil and Spices, Indian cosmetics business in Retail &Wholesale market in Bangladesh. Currently, the company has been exporting agro products and agro base dry foods ,jute goods ,jute diversified products in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Africa, Europe, UAE, North America. Our amid to expends our brand DEEEPER across the Globe. By the way, The Company is compassed of driven and passionate people who always deliver extraordinary.